Sermons from October 2020

Sermons from October 2020


Tender Nursing

1 Thessalonians 2:1-8   Matthew 22:34-40 Are you a person who “thinks in pictures”?  I am one, and I find myself trying to “picture” God.  Without much success.  How about you?  1. Do you have an image from Monty Python, a bearded guy up in the clouds, speaking with lots of thunder in his voice?  2. Or do you picture God as a shepherd, caring for sheep, searching for lost lambs?  3. Or do you see God more like Isaiah’s vision…
Bible on table

Word and Work

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10   Matthew 22:15-22 Back in the ‘70’s, I saw a poster that depicted a preacher in a pulpit and in the “word bubble” above his head, it said, “Words, words, words, words, words.”  Now, if you remember the ‘70’s, you know that boomers were kind of disenchanted with a lot of things (that’s putting it mildly!), and this poster illustrated our feelings about people who did a lot of talking but didn’t back up their talk with consistent action. They “talked the talk”…

Make it My Own

Phil. 3:4b-14     Matt. 21:33-46 Would you describe yourself as a “goal-oriented person”?  You know, someone who has a firm idea of what they want to do, and one who makes plans for all the specific steps needed to pursue this goal.  Some folks are on the extreme end of this spectrum, while others are all the way on the other end—never making a plan, just kind of “rolling through life,” taking it as it comes to them.  I suspect that most of us are somewhere…