The Pastor’s Perspective

The Pastor’s Perspective

New Restrictions from the Governor

We are now limited to 25% of our capacity for our worship services.  Since our Sanctuary normally seats 100, our limit is 25.  Please call 424-3622 to make your reservation as early as possible.  If we have more than 25 who wish to come, the additional names will be placed on the list for the following week.  The roster is FULL for this Sunday, Dec. 6.  Sorry!  If you would like to attend December 13, please call NOW.  Thanks!

Poinsettias for Christmas

We have received poinsettias, and they are bringing a lot of cheerful color to our sanctuary!  Thanks!

Angel Tree Giving

Most of our kids have been “adopted” from the Angel Tree at the church.  At this time, several still remain on our digital list.  If you were unable to participate, please find a way to get an anonymous gift to a child this year.  It is so FUN!

Christmas Eve Candlelight/Communion Service

I suspect that we will be still limited to 25 people on Christmas Eve.  If it’s really important for you to be there, it would be wise to call soon and make your reservation.  While I am delighted that we are able to meet (even in smaller numbers), I am devastated that we might have to turn anyone away.  “There’s no room in the inn!”  Lord, please heal us!

Men’s Fellowship

Any men are welcome to join us at any time for coffee, conversation, and prayer!  On December 9 and 16 we will watch “A Clear View of the Birth of Jesus” by Kenneth E. Bailey.  (He was an amazing Biblical scholar who spent most of his growing-up years in the middle east.)  Come and get a fresh appreciation for this ancient story!

Pastor Pat


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