The Pastor’s Perspective

The Pastor’s Perspective

The Pastor’s Perspective

An Occasional Note Regarding Activities,

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December 9, 2020

Good News!

When we obtained a copy of Directive 035 (REVISED), we read “Houses of worship with a listed fire code capacity of fewer than 200 persons may conduct indoor services for up to 50 persons if they are able to do so in a manner consistent with social distancing guidelines promulgated by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry.”  In response, Session has re-instated the 40-person limit for our in-person worship services.  Hooray!

We Need a Tenant!

Our previous tenants have moved to larger offices, and our rental space is now vacant!  There are three main offices, a reception area, and an open area that will be perfect for just the right organization/business!  If you know of someone who is looking for new premises, please have them call the church (424-3622) and inquire.  We are hoping that “word of mouth” will expedite the rental process!  Can you help us?

Pastor’s Telephone

I have recently become aware that Caller ID shows my telephone number as “Elko” when I call.  (This is because we first got our numbers while living in Elko!)  Since we are all inundated with “robocalls”, no one wants to pick up when an unfamiliar number shows up.  Understandable.  IF you have a cell phone, I am hoping that you will add my name and phone number to your phone’s directory.  That way, whenever I call, you will see that IT IS I!  Please contact the church office to receive Pastor Pat’s phone contact information.

Leaving a Message at the Church

Speaking of phone calls—some folks have reported that they have been unable to leave a message when they call the church.  We think this happens when line 1 is busy, and calls are automatically sent to line 2 (which has no voice message service).  Please wait a minute and then call again.  We really want to get your message!

Happy Birthday!

Dame Judy Dench, Dec. 9; Dan Blocker (my favorite Cartwright), December 10; Teri Garr, December 11.

Still Room for YOU

At this time, we have 13 spaces available for Dec. 13!

Christmas Eve Candlelight/Communion Service

We currently have 20 people registered for Christmas Eve.  If it’s really important for you to be there, it would be wise to call soon and make your reservation.  424-3622.

Men’s Fellowship

Any men are welcome to join us at 10am for coffee, conversation, and prayer!  On December 16 we will watch “A Clear View of the Birth of Jesus” by Kenneth E. Bailey.  (He was an amazing Biblical scholar who spent most of his growing-up years in the middle east.)  Come and get a fresh appreciation for this ancient story!

Word of the Day

Ratoon: a small shoot growing from the root of a plant.  (We used to call them “suckers.” Can’t wait to say, “I am going to prune the ratoons from this tree!”)


“Give as much of yourself as you can to as much of God as you can understand.”  –Dr. Sam Shoemaker

Pastor Pat


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