The Pastor’s Perspective

The Pastor’s Perspective

The Pastor’s Perspective

An Occasional Note Regarding Activities, News, Rumors, and Juicy Tidbits from Pastor Pat

December 16, 2020

Good News!

Our offering envelopes for 2021 have arrived!  (I know! We have been awaiting them so expectantly!)  If you have not been able to pick yours up, we will bring them to you (after Christmas).  If you really don’t want us to, just call 424-3622 to head us off!

We Need a Tenant!

Our previous tenants have moved to larger offices, and our rental space is now vacant!  There are three main offices, a reception area, and an open area that will be perfect for just the right organization/business!  If you know of someone who is looking for 1300 square feet, please have them call our agent at 775-386-9727 and inquire.  We are hoping that “word of mouth” will expedite the rental process!  Can you help us?

Word of the Day: Cryptozoology The search for and study of animals whose existence is unproven (Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot are on this list).

Pastor’s Telephone

I have recently become aware that Caller ID shows my telephone number as “Elko” when I call.  (This is because we first got our numbers while living in Elko!)  Since we are all inundated with “robocalls”, no one wants to pick up when an unfamiliar number shows up.  Understandable.  IF you have a cell phone, I am hoping that you will add my name and phone number to your phone’s directory.  That way, whenever I call, you will see that IT IS I! 

Our New Website is Functioning!

Julie has been updating our website, and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Just go to and see for yourself!  I suspect you will be visiting our site on a regular basis nowJ

Happy Birthday!

Dee Dee, Dec. 17; Kristi, Dec. 18; Dominick, Dec. 19; Rick, Dec. 22

Still Room for YOU

At this time, we still have 12 spaces available for Dec. 20.  Call 424-3622 to make a reservation!

Christmas Eve Candlelight/Communion Service

We currently have 27 people registered for Christmas Eve at 5:30.  If it’s really important for you to be there, it would be wise to call soon and make your reservation.  424-3622.


“Some ships sail east, some ships sail west on the self-same wind that blows.  But it’s the tilt of the sail, not the force of the gale, which determines the way that she goes.”  –Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Pastor Pat


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