Time to Retire

Time to Retire

Well, my SSPC family, it is getting to be time for me to retire. I turn 69 in August, and, while some pastors stay “in the harness” well into their later years, I am certain that this is the right time for me. Your generosity in giving me an extra two weeks of vacation every year has made it possible to spend more time with our grandkids—thus enabling me to postpone retirement for a few years. I plan to stay until the 31st of August, 2022.

Melissa is retiring from her long career in June, and we will be gearing up for a big trip in our RV in September, October, and November. We plan to see family and friends that are scattered around the country, as well as seeing the places that we have wanted to see for years. We will continue to make our home in Sparks, but we will need to find another church home. (This is the policy of our denomination.) Even though we will not be worshiping with you, we will still hold you dear in our hearts!

In the meantime, I hope that you will not start pulling away from me (or Melissa) just because we are “short-timers.” This is still a great church, and these coming months will be a wonderful time to invite your friends and neighbors to experience the love of Christ in this place! It has been my privilege to serve as your pastor, but this is not my church—it is YOUR church, and you are the ones who will carry its legacy forward!

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Pat


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