Sermons from 2021

Sermons from 2021

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Humble Beginnings

December 19, 2021……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………4th Sunday of Advent Micah 5: 2-5a; Luke 1: 39-45 I suspect that many of you grew up in a small town, as I did.  And when you went out into the bigger, wider world, you may have been thought of as a “small-town girl” or a “small-town boy”—at least, when compared to those raised in a bigger city.  I remember that, when I was young, we looked down on kids from outlying communities that didn’t quite…
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I Will Change Your Name

December 12, 20211……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………3rd Sunday of Advent Zephaniah 3: 14-20; Isaiah 12: 2-6 Much of the population of India is divided (unofficially) into castes—classes of people who have different privileges, different job opportunities, and very specific places in the society’s value system.  At the bottom of the social scale—below the caste system, in fact, are the people known as Dalit (often referred to as “untouchables” because touching one of folks is believed to make one unclean).  These poor people are…
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Getting Ready

December 5, 2021……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………2nd Sunday of Advent Malachi 3: 1-4; Philippians 1: 3-11; Luke 3: 1-6 I would like you to imagine that you have something wonderful to give to someone you love.  This is a something that is almost too delightful for words, something that will enrich their lives beyond measure.  There is only one problem: their hands are full already, so they are not able to receive your gift!  You say, “Empty your hands.  I have something…
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Going Out of Business

Joel 2: 21-27……….John 18: 33-37 November 28, 2021……….1st Sunday of Advent……….Rev. Christy Ramsey A link to the sermon text will be provided in the near future.
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From the Cross to the Sky

November 21, 2021—————Rev. Patrick Mecham………….Christ the King Sunday 2 Samuel 23: 1-7——————-Revelation 1: 4b-8—————John 18: 33-37 Those of you who follow professional football already know the name of David Tyree.  You know that, in the 2008 Super Bowl, his New York Giants were behind the New England Patriots (the undefeated Patriots) they were behind by four points with only a minute and fifteen seconds left on the clock.  Eli Manning launched a pass, and Tyree leapt for the ball at…

As the Day Approaches

November 14, 2021—————Rev. Patrick Mecham Hebrews 10: 19-25—————-Mark 13: 1-8 Please note that the sermon text is not available for this week.

Women of the Kingdom

November 7, 2021———-Rev. Patrick Mecham…………24th Sunday after Pentecost Ruth 3: 1-5, 4: 13-17—————-Mark 12: 38-44 Think for a moment about what you are willing to invest yourself in wholeheartedly. What is it that you want to put your best effort into? Is it your relationship with your family? How about the development of your career? Or maybe it’s your children’s education that has the absolute commitment of your heart? What exactly is it that you are willing to give your…

Not Far from the Kingdom

Ruth 1: 1-18———-Mark 12: 28-34———-23rd Sunday after Pentecost October 31, 2021———-Rev. Patrick Mecham Several years ago, I went to see a movie called “The Green Mile,” based on a book by Stephen King.  Except for one horrific scene, it was an excellent film.  The story line was full of Gospel messages and truths about selflessness and healing and judgment.  I had always thought of the author as some “wacko” who excelled at writing horror stories.  But, at the end of…

Job’s New Insights

Job 42: 1-6, 10-17———-Psalm 34: 1-8, 19-22———22nd Sunday after Pentecost October 24, 2021———–Rev. Patrick Mecham You all know the story of the lowly caterpillar.  It is earthbound, slowly crawling from leaf to leaf, munching its way through life.  Then one day it attaches itself to a branch and develops a chrysalis and, to the uninformed eye, DIES.  How sad.  But, on a later day, the apparently dead thing starts to wiggle and eventually splits and the form of a butterfly…

Job Is Questioned

October 17, 2021———-Rev. Patrick Mecham Job 38: 1-7, 34-41———-Psalm 104: 1-9, 24, 35c———-21st Sunday after Pentecost Do you know any “know-it-alls”?  You know, people who either think they know everything or at least like to give the impression that they have a firm grasp of everything worth knowing. Years ago, I was telling a friend that we were looking at moving to Elko, Nevada.  He asked me, “What’s the base of the economy there?” and I told him, “Gold mining”…