Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans


July 30, 2023

1 Kings 3: 5-12; Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52 9th Sunday after Pentecost “A Plethora of Puzzling Parables“ Rev. Sue Taylor

June 11, 2023

2nd Sunday after Pentecost Elaine York, Commissioned Pastor Genesis 12: 1-9; Romans 4: 13-25 Being Blessed and Trusting God Good Morning, I am delighted to be with you once again.  Since I was last here, I have done three Memorials, and a few more Worship Services.   I have been recently invited to be the Pulpit Supply at Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church.  That ought to be a new learning experience since I have never attended a Lutheran Church.  However, my Grandmother…
Trinity Sunday

Growing into the Faith

June 12, 2022 ……….Trinity Sunday ………. Rev. Patrick Mecham Romans 5: 1-5; John 16: 12-15 A philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote a phrase that has been quoted since the 1880’s: “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.”  In the 1990’s, Disney produced an animated film called “Aladdin,” and the parrot (Iago) put his own spin on the saying, “You’d be surprised what you can live through!” Just recently, I heard a “Seasoned-Citizen” saying something similar: “Getting old…
Baptismal Bowl

Death . . .or Life and Peace

January 2, 2022……..Epiphany Sunday Romans 8: 1-11……….John 1: 1-9 (Isaiah 60: 1-6) There was a family that went to church every single Sunday, and, at the Sunday dinner, they discussed the morning sermon.  The kids were at an age where they could sit with their friends, anywhere in the church, and the boy developed the habit of skipping out of church and playing!  He would then stand near the preacher as people were leaving, and try to pick up snippets…

“Who Are You, Jesus?”

Romans 5: 1-11————John 3: 1-21————John 4: 1-30 July 25, 2021—————-Rev. Kate Freeman—————9th Sunday after Pentecost Good Morning, Spanish Springs Church. It is good to be back together with you all.   Today I invite us to take a look at two familiar conversations which involve Jesus and someone who is seeking to know, “Who is this man?” Want to get to know someone, have a conversation, right? Let’s discover how Jesus reveals his Identity and what that means for us. These…
advent candles

Greetings, Favored One!

Greetings, Favored One!                   4th Advent Romans 16:25-27   December 20, 2020   Luke 1:26-38 Don’t you just love Christmas Pageants?!  Over the years, I have seen some doozeys!  Like the year Joseph picked up the Baby Jesus and the doll’s head fell off and rolled across the floor—or like the year the innkeeper got all choked up and offered Mary and Joseph his own room, rather than sending them to a stable!  But the one that came to mind this week depicted…
bible heart

The Power of Love – Forgiveness

15th Pentecost The Power of Love: Forgiveness Romans 14:1-12     Sept. 13, 2020       Matthew 18:21-35 Part of what it means to be HUMAN is to be vulnerable—to live with the possibility of being hurt by other people. I don’t need to ask if you have ever been hurt, because our vulnerability means that, occasionally, WE WILL BE HURT. It’s part of the human condition. And the antidote to that hurt is simple (and, at the same time, often very…
bible heart

The Power of Love – Speaking the Truth

The Power of Love: Speaking the Truth           14th Pentecost Romans 13:8-14   September 6, 2020   Matthew 18:15-20 You all know what a scalpel is, right?  It’s a small, very sharp cutting tool that is used by surgeons all around the world.  In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a scalpel can be the instrument of healing and hope.  But, in the wrong hands, a scalpel can be an instrument of destruction and mayhem! Did you know that our words also carry this dual possibility?  When we…
work gloves

The Joy of Labor

The Joy of Labor                          13th Pentecost Psalm 105:1-6   August 30, 2020   Romans 12:9-21 Most of you know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and how they disobeyed God and basically got kicked out of the Garden.  Eve was told that her punishment would be that her pains in childbirth were going to be increased, and Adam was now going to have to earn his food with hard labor.  His punishment is described like this: “Cursed is…
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