Sermons on Advent

Sermons on Advent


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December 18, 2022

4th Sunday of Advent Isaiah 7: 10-16——–Matthew 1: 18-25 Rev. Tom Willadsen We welcome the Boca Brass as they provide inspiration for the Advent Season through the inspiration of their music today.
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Humble Beginnings

December 19, 2021……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………4th Sunday of Advent Micah 5: 2-5a; Luke 1: 39-45 I suspect that many of you grew up in a small town, as I did.  And when you went out into the bigger, wider world, you may have been thought of as a “small-town girl” or a “small-town boy”—at least, when compared to those raised in a bigger city.  I remember that, when I was young, we looked down on kids from outlying communities that didn’t quite…
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I Will Change Your Name

December 12, 20211……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………3rd Sunday of Advent Zephaniah 3: 14-20; Isaiah 12: 2-6 Much of the population of India is divided (unofficially) into castes—classes of people who have different privileges, different job opportunities, and very specific places in the society’s value system.  At the bottom of the social scale—below the caste system, in fact, are the people known as Dalit (often referred to as “untouchables” because touching one of folks is believed to make one unclean).  These poor people are…
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Getting Ready

December 5, 2021……….Rev. Patrick Mecham………2nd Sunday of Advent Malachi 3: 1-4; Philippians 1: 3-11; Luke 3: 1-6 I would like you to imagine that you have something wonderful to give to someone you love.  This is a something that is almost too delightful for words, something that will enrich their lives beyond measure.  There is only one problem: their hands are full already, so they are not able to receive your gift!  You say, “Empty your hands.  I have something…
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Going Out of Business

Joel 2: 21-27……….John 18: 33-37 November 28, 2021……….1st Sunday of Advent……….Rev. Christy Ramsey A link to the sermon text will be provided in the near future.
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Greetings, Favored One!

Greetings, Favored One!                   4th Advent Romans 16:25-27   December 20, 2020   Luke 1:26-38 Don’t you just love Christmas Pageants?!  Over the years, I have seen some doozeys!  Like the year Joseph picked up the Baby Jesus and the doll’s head fell off and rolled across the floor—or like the year the innkeeper got all choked up and offered Mary and Joseph his own room, rather than sending them to a stable!  But the one that came to mind this week depicted…

A Humble Witness

A Humble Witness            3rd Advent Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11   Dec. 13, 2020   John 1:6-8, 19-28 There’s a movie that I like to watch every February.  It stars Bill Murray, and it’s called Groundhog Day.  He plays a hotshot weatherman with a “big future,” but he got stuck re-living the same day, over and over again, until he was able to //:release his sense of self-importance and begin to care about the people around him.:\\ Gradually, he became more humble, he gained…