Sermons by Reverend Christy Ramsey

Sermons by Reverend Christy Ramsey

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Going Out of Business

Joel 2: 21-27……….John 18: 33-37 November 28, 2021……….1st Sunday of Advent……….Rev. Christy Ramsey A link to the sermon text will be provided in the near future.

Normal or Nomad

1 Samuel 8: 4-11, 16-20; Mark 3:20-35 June 27, 2021———-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost Guest Preacher, Rev. Christy Ramsey We have all felt like Samuel. No, I’m not talking about being called old by the people, although we may have been there, too.  I’m talking about Samuel going crazy.  This is crazy Samuel time.  When you know what is right.  When you know what happens, and what will happen, and how the world is arranged, and you tell the people that. …