Sermons on Maundy Thursday

Sermons on Maundy Thursday

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Washing Feet

Washing Feet ——– Maundy Thursday ——– April 1, 2021 ——– 6:30 PM Psalm 116: 1-4, 12-29———John 13: 1-17, 31b-35 Those of you who are teachers understand the challenges of trying to convey a body of knowledge or a principle.  Parents face this challenge with their children; customer service representatives have the same challenge when trying to inform a customer; anyone hoping to convey information to another person understands the limits of our language. Jesus is perhaps the best-known teacher the…

Just as I Have Loved You

Just as I Have Loved You       Maundy Thursday Psalm 116: 1-4, 12-19            John 13: 1-7, 31b-35 Every now and then, a preacher finds a story that beautifully illustrates the Scripture passages she or he is working on. I’ve used this one before, and I’m going to use it again, because it is  SO PERFECT! Rodney Roberson was working in a homeless shelter while he was going to seminary. One night, he learned a truly valuable…